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RESULTS of the First 

Watercolour Renaissance competition


  • 1,500 € total cash prizes.

  • 3 places as a invited guest in a WATERCOLOUR RENAISSANCE exhibition.

  • EVERY painting in the competition will recieve a personal critique of their painting by Janine Gallizia (For the first time ever you will hear back from the jury !

Learn your painting's greatest strength & its greatest weakness !)

  • In addition : 20 publications in the Art of Watercolour magazine.

- 1st prize: 1,000 euros CASH & a place exhibiting in a WR associated exhibition - the "FESTIVAL AQUARELLE", ''La Boverie'', Museum in Liège, BELGIQUE

- 2nd prize: 500 euros CASH & a place exhibiting in the WR exhibition in Sarlat, FRANCE

- 3rd prize: A place exhibiting in the WR exhibition in Sarlat, FRANCE


1,000€ cash and a place as "Invited Guest" in a Watercolour Renaissance Exhibition

5 64 copy#5.jpg

Roberto Andreoli "Michel al Lavoro"


500€ cash and a place as "Invited Guest" in a Watercolour Renaissance Exhibition

2nd Prize Abdelfettah KarmaneRM.jpg

Abdelfettah Karmane


A place as "Invited Guest" in a Watercolour Renaissance Exhibition

3rd place Pam McLaughlin  Race StrategyR

Pam McLaughlin "Race strategy"

20 Watercolour Renaissance Honorable Mentions

Prize : A publication in The Art of Watercolour Magazine

(The paintings appear in no particular order)

Pilar de la HoradadaRM.jpg

Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz Pilar de la Horadada

Claude Côté.jpg

Claude Côté "Chez Adelme" 60 x 45 cm

Venetian twilight_Iocco MassimilianoRM.j

Massimiliano Locco "Venetian twilight"

Le moulin de Jausiers_Eliette KarcheRM.j

Eliette Karche "Le moulin de Jausiers"

Rosanne Larouche Bord de mer.JPG.jpg

Rosanne Larouche "Bord de mer"

Jon Crocker Ranch Hands .jpg

Jon Crocker "Ranch hands"

8 3 105 adaflorek_pomegranateRM.jpg

Ada Florek "Pomegranate"

dernier concert Houlgate MRBorryRM.jpg

Marie Raphaëlle Borry "Dernier concert Houlgate"

16 Christine Louzé-   RIVAGE  -aquarelle

Christine Louzé "Rivage"

SIH SHIAN Wu Third prize Paris.jpg

Sih Shian Wu "Paris"

that's me. Gabriele Koenigs 33 cm x 31 c

Gabriele Koenigs "That's me"

Barnaba Salvador Bucato-San-Stin.jpg

Barnaba Salvador "Bucato-San-Stin"

Jon Bøe Paulsen The Guests Arrive.jpg

Jon Bøe Paulsen "The Guests Arrive"


Sterkhov_Konstantin "Window Shoping XXXIII"

Catherine Rey Sortie en mer... 70x70cm.j

Catherine Rey "Sortie en mer" 70 x 70cm

réveuse Didier BrotRM.jpg

Didier Brot "Réveuse"

Marteaux Jacques Leroux 34 x 44 cm.JPG

Jacques Leroux "Marteaux" 34 x 44 cm

5 7 Sergiy Lysyy_Madrid_watercolour 64x4

Sergiy Lysyy "Madrid" 64x48cm

Life Is Planning Your Next Move_Kathleen

Kathleen Giles "Life Is Planning Your Next Move"

Richard Tiejun Chao TheBeautyOf FaithRM.

Richard Tiejun Chao "The Beauty Of Faith"

Thank you to all the participants for the incredible

paintings inscribed in the competition.

This is just the beginning !

​Be inspired. Be inspiring.

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