Watercolour Renaissance competition

​​Entries have closed !

PRIZES: Win 1,500 € in cash (total cash prizes)

& win a place to exhibit in a Watercolour Renaissance exhibition in 2021.


UNIQUE GIFT for all participants. For the first time ever you will hear back from the jury !

Learn your painting's greatest strength & its greatest weakness !

- 1st prize: 1,000 euros CASH & a place exhibiting in a WR associated exhibition - the "FESTIVAL AQUARELLE", ''La Boverie'', Museum in Liège, BELGIQUE https://www.aquareliege.com/

- 2nd prize: 500 euros CASH & a place exhibiting in the WR exhibition in Sarlat, FRANCE

- 3rd prize: A place exhibiting in the WR exhibition in Sarlat, FRANCE

Competition Submission opening date : 16/01/21

Competition submission closing date: 15/02/21

Theme: No theme imposed

Level: No level required for entry

Age requirement: Every participant must be 18 years of age or older

Participation fee: 10 euros for every painting entered

Number of paintings permitted: Unlimited

- Fill out the Registration Form below.

- Attach ONE painting photo to the form.

- Proceed with the payment (10 euros for EACH painting entered).

- If you wish to enter more than one painting you will need to fill out a seperate Registration Form for EVERY painting entered.


   Thank you for participating in the 1st Watercolour Renaissance           competition. I am looking forward to seeing your paintings!          

                         I will be in contact with you very soon!                           

                                          Janine Gallizia                                                     

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