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1 500 € in CASH prizes + THREE places to exhibit as an "Invited Guest" in a prestigious Watercolour Renaissance exhibition in 2021-2022.

Article 1                        

Janine Gallizia, known further in this document as the "Organizer", situated at 153 Gué de Bost - 24360 Champniers & Reilhac – France. Artiste,  N° SIRET 51088567600021, is organising a watercolour competition via her official website and via her official Facebook page aiming to designate 3 winners from the participants of the competition.  


Article 2            

This competition is open to all artists, professional and amateur of the age of 18 years and older, residing anywhere in the world with access to the following sites and the group Watercolour Renaissance.

This competition permits multiple entries from a single participant.


Article 3            

To be eligible for entry into the competition, the payment of 10 euros (tax included) per painting submission is required to confirm the entry. The payment validates the participants entry confirmation. If the entry fee is not realized the entry submission is not confirmed.  The submission process is outlined here: - , under "Competition".  The Organizer reserves the right to control the competition process, and is permitted to disqualify any participant who does not respect the competition rules mentioned in this document. The Organizer has the right to denounce and take legal action against any person who attempts to commit fraud in the competition.


Article 4            

The participation to the Watercolour Renaissance competition is ONLY achieved by the online process located here:  ( These rules are available in both English and French. The participants must provide a current email address, that remains unchanged throughout the competition duration, where the Organizer can contact them, should the need arise.

The elements to provide to ensure correct submission entry to the competition:

  • Good quality image of the painting(s) entered (JPEG or PDF), maximum 15MB per image.

  • The contact details of the participant: First name, family name, an email address that is valid throughout the entire competition duration in order to receive information concerning the competition.

  • When a participant enters the competition, they accept the authorization of reproduction of the images submitted to be used as either publicity for the competition or to promote the artist on the Organizer's internet pages and specialist watercolour magazines partnered with the competition.

  • By entering the competition, the participant declares on his/her honor that the artwork submitted is of their own work, both in concept and in result. That the works are NOT copies of another artist's work (photographer or painter) and that the participant is the owner of the copyright of the image submitted.

  • Every entry submitted requires a participation of 10 € (tax included) on the website of the Organizer For every additional submission an additional 10€ (tax included) is required.


The contact details received are presumed to be the correct email details of the participant. No action can be taken against the Organizer or a partner if the real identity of the participant is unknown or misleading.  Any incomplete entry or contact details, or any error on the behalf of the participant that could place doubt on the identity of a participant can result in the disqualification of the participant.


Article 5            

The name of the participant may be required to contact the participant, promote their submission in the competition, on the competition websites and Facebook page and those of the Organizer’s partners. In the case of any fraudulent activity towards the Organizer or the competition, the Organizer may be required to pass over the participants identity to legal authorities (Law n° 78-17, 6 January, 1978 reserved for online files and freedoms). The participant can oppose this (Art. 26 of the law), (Art. 34 - 38 of the law) and rectification (Art. 36 of the law). In which case the participant needs to contact the organizer in writing, 153 Gué de Bost - 24360 Champniers & Reilhac – France.


Article 6            

In order to designate the winners of the « Watercolour Renaissance Competition 1, 2021 », an established jury comprised of three professional artists, well established in the watercolour field, will be responsible for the judging.

Step 1 : Publication and call of entries on the website , Facebook and by email. The Call of Entries and submission opening is the 16/01/2021. Submission closing 15/02/2021 midnight Paris time. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Step 2 : From the 18/02/2021 the three nominated judges will independently cast their votes, and the three winners will be determined.

Step 3 : From the 9/02/2021 the three winners names and the publications of their paintings will be made public via the website :, Facebook and by email. These images will also benefit from the publication in specialist magazines.

Step  4 : The awards will be delivered to the winners by the end of March 2021.   


The main criteria considered by the judges are: The composition, tonal value/colour and shape handling, technique, originality and creativity and the overall impact of the painting.

Article 7            

The period of participation is mentioned in Article 1, and the awards in Article 11 of this document. The winners will be contacted and informed of their prize directly by the Organizer. The awards given no later than 1 month after the closing of the competition. Should for any reason there be a hold up in the reception of the awards, an email will be sent out to the laureates. The exhibition places will be established based on the conditions and imposition of the COVID19 health obligations.


Article 8            

Any incorrect contact details provided that result in the Organizer's inability to contact a participant may result in the loss of his/her award. 


Article 9            

Apart from the two cash prizes mentioned above, no other cash prizes will be allocated or used to replace any other award. The prizes are not interchangeable, modifiable or reimbursable. The Organizer can not be held accountable for any loss or modification incurred by a third party on the awards given. If a winning participant is unable to receive their award due to their own situation, no other compression will be given.


Article 10          

The winning laurates authorize that their photos may be used to promote their paintings in a marketing/commercial manner through the magazine partners and Watercolour Renaissance website with no costs during or after the competition.


Article 11          

The three winners of the "Watercolour Renaissance competition 1, 2021" will receive the following prizes :

1st Prize:  1 ,000 € cash prize to be paid by bank transfer to the participant's allocated account plus a place as an "Invited Guest" in a prestigious Watercolour Renaissance exhibition in 2021-22 COVID conditions allowing.

2nd Prize :  500 €  cash prize to be paid by bank transfer to the participant's allocated account plus a place as an "Invited Guest" in a prestigious Watercolour Renaissance exhibition in 2021-22 COVID conditions allowing.

3rd Prize : A place as an "Invited Guest" in a prestigious Watercolour Renaissance exhibition in 2021-22 COVID conditions allowing.


Article 12          

Acceptation and understanding will be given for any internet or communication delays out of the control of the Organizer.


Responsibility of the Organizer :

The Organizer can not be held accountable for any third-party grievances and delays, but promises to perform at the highest of her ability to ensure a professional, honest and dynamic event with the respect of all artists and people involved, but will not be subjected to negative promotion or dealings from participants for any reason.

2) Information

In no case will the organizer be held accountable for computer errors or damage incurred. The Organizer can not be held accountable if a submission does not get registered correctly, (such as the participants internet connection or provider difficulties for any reason) or images and registration details that are received damaged or incomprehensible (in the case that the participant possesses computer equipment inadequate to complete an entry submission) in line with the European Regalement for the protection of information and freedoms and the French information and freedoms law of 6 January, 1978, modified by the French law relating to the protection of personal information, 20th June, 2018. Of which you have the right of access, correction, suppression of the personal information concerning you, by writing a letter to Janine Gallizia - 153, Gué de Bost - 24360 Champniers et Reilhac or by email to indicating your given name, surname and email address. To ensure the authenticity of the individual is correct, if required, the Organizer may request proof of identity. A reply will be addressed to you within 1 month after the request is received.


3) Prejudice

The Organizer can not be held accountable for any choices or actions, for reasons of prejudice in any manner (personal, physical, religious, material, financial, or other) by a participant. The participation in the competition by a participant accepts this condition. No reclamation will be accepted.


Article 13          

The Organizer has the right to reduce, prolong, postpone or cancel the competition should conditions require so, without notice or justification or reimbursing the participants. The Organizer can modify the prizes for reasons independent of her desire, la value of the replacement awards being similar to the value of the initial awards, her responsibility can not be accountable.


Article 14          

No reclamation more than one month after the close of submission of the competition (15/02/21) may be made. Prior to this all other requests must be made via post with proof of postage including date of post, and signature proof of reception. The reclamation can not be made concerning the correct and announced conditions and process of the competition. 


Article 15          

In case of unforeseen difficulties to this contract, its interpretation or application, the Organizer has the final decision in all matters and decisions, without discussion.


Article 16          

The participation of this competition implies the acceptation, without reserve, of the entirety of the points made in this document. By inscribing in the competition via the website, the participant  certifies the acceptation of all conditions mentioned, and agrees with this conditions and the promises to use the website and the connected Facebook pages respecting the conditions mentioned and the law and regulations of competitions applied.


Article 17          

It is agreed upon, unless obvious error, that the information received by the participant and registered in the Organizer's data system has priority over other information, to ensure the correct functioning of the registration.


Article 18          

This contract can be consulted and printed using the URL mentioned in Article 4 of this contract.

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