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EXERCISE 3 - Day 1 (04/10/21) - Colour


EXERCISE 3 - Choose a simple suject. There is NO TIME LIMIT with this exercise. The idea is to use colour to create affects of light (ex. bright and/or light valued colour), shade (Ex. dull and/or dark valued colour). Try to think consciously of the colour saturation and tonal value of the colour you put down.


You may need to play around a bit with this one before it starts to look like soilething that you like, so enjoy the journey. We will repeat this for 5 days. ENJOY !!


SUGGESTION : Often when people are focusing on colour their forget about their tonal values. Take a black and white photo at the end of each exercise just to be sure your tonal values are not suffering whilst you focus on improving your colour understanding.


(Before you ask... YES I use white paint. I always have and I always will You can too if you choose to :-) )


EXERCISE 3 Information - Colour has three different dimensions to it. Every colour has its own local colour which is affected by the saturation (brightness- dullness) and tonal value (shade of dark-light) applied.


EVERY time you take a colour you should NOT be asking "what colour do I use?" but rather "What colour do I use and what saturation and value suits the role of the shape I am painting?"


Painting ALL comes down to a very simple fundamental: EVERY shape should have a purpose that helps the painting, otherwise it should not appear in the painting. Every shape plays a role, whether it is to be seen or to support another shape, to suggest, to create balance/ harmony/context... EVERY shape requires the right tonal value and colour saturation.


Exercise 3 of your Watercolour Renaissance course aims to improve your understanding of this concept. By repeating exercises with simple subjects you will begin to apply this concept in your painting habits.


This is a tough one for many people, so take your time. Be kind to yourself and enjoy it ! Colour is a VERY powerful tool in painting that must be used correctly to be effective.


Here are some points to answer some of your questions:


- No you do not need a Facebook account to participate in the free course. For those who are on the Watercolour Renaissance page, feel free to post, I see most of your work and well done, as there are so many of you following the exercises. It makes me happy that my efforts are worth it. Well done and thank you.


- No you do not need to send me the images of your work. I can not give feed back on each image for every person. This is not possible time-wise.


- This is a 100% free course for everyone who wishes to join. Please share with others, we need many of us to create a stronger impact.


- I will send you a new exercise every day to follow, now or when you have time.


- My goal with this initiative is to stimulate and motivate you to improve your art and sales by giving you the tools you need in the form of daily exercises. Why ? Because I have received over one thousand cries for help from amateurs and professional artists since the beginning of 2020 asking for my help. I can not help every person individually, but I can collectively. This free course will hopefully touch thousands of people which will collectively raise the watercolour scene so that we can expand the market. All you have to do is act on the information I give you. This higher level created, both individually and collectively will ensure greater financial stability, market opportunities, improved events, sales increase and of course a greater relationship between artists working together for a common goal.


 Now for the most important question of all WHY am I doing this for free, considering I don't have the time? I have spent 25 years teaching and motivating people to improve their painting skills, improve their health/confidence and well being, to stimulate people to reach a higher potential. I love doing it and I give as much as I can to you for free. HOWEVER, I will soon step away from this teaching role. Before I do however, I wish to pass on EVERYTHING that I know and have learned to those that wish to benefit. This free watercolour course will give you what you need. It is my way of saying thank you to you all for years of friendship and support, it is my present to you, so make the most of it :-) !!

Post your sketches on the Watercolor Renaissance Facebook page if you want to enjoy talking to each other, sharing and creating friendships. Most of all have fun!

Ask your friends to participate with you. We will work together to improve our technique, our watercolors and our knowledge AND after the WATERCOLOUR RENAISSANCE events will begin !!


Hugs to all!