My other passion

In 2010 as a watercolour artist, I had gained a reputation as one of the world's master. At this time I was healthy, happy and living a dream. But suddendly I crashed sending me to emergency ward 11 times nearly dead. But for the specialists I was fine. So, for me, for my mother diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, for my children, I decided to study, study and study again during nearly ten years. I studied physiology and learned symptomology. The more I learned, the deeper my fear grew; everything I thought was true about health and disease was wrong. The information I found is based on the work of 6 Nobel Prize Laureates, 100s of Doctors and scientists and to my knowledge this information has never been complied together ever before. So I decided to write a book “The Cause & Cure of All Disease” which outlines the exact biological process of all disease and I would like to share it with you.

“Like all young Australians, I grew up singing Abba songs into my hairbrush. Life was great! Australia in the 80s was heaven on earth. As the years passed, I found myself living in France. By this time I had gained the reputation as one of the world’s masters in watercolour painting. My career was booming. I was 36, I was happy, healthy, vibrant and living the dream! In 2010, I gave birth to my son, Raphael. I was trying to keep up with my work commitments, whilst learning how to be a mum. For the first time in my life I felt physically challenged and emotionally alone. Soon after, in 2011, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Isabella. I was now raising two babies alone whilst maintaining my high-profile career! I pushed on as I always had done, but this time it was different. In 2015, I crashed, and I crashed hard, sending me to the emergency ward 11 times in less than one year. By early 2016, I was unable to stand for more than an hour at a time. I was in constant pain and completely exhausted. My entire body would just shake. My heartbeat became irregular. I was unable to sleep… I was drained! I cancelled my exhibitions and when I did maintain them, the paintings were ordinary at best. I visited specialists in neurology, cardiology, dermatology and immunology, but got the same answers every time; I was “just fine”.


In 2010, my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. That was my tipping point. My mum was my hero. Her diagnosis, my 15 years of migraines and my current health cascade agglomerated into a determination unlike anything most people could ever understand. I began to study. I learned that specialists are system specific and have surprisingly little knowledge about how the body functions as a whole. I also learned that I wasn’t the only one out there that was confused as “12 million Americans (are) misdiagnosed each year”. The more I learned, the deeper my fear grew; everything I thought was true about health and disease was wrong. I studied physiology and learned symptomology. I learned that there is only one disease with only one origin. I learned that all disease is preventable and reversible. I learned what the origin of cancer, Alzheimer’s, pain and wrinkles is and how to prevent and reverse all chronic disease. I learned that there are 6 unknown missing links that are essential to help you restore your health, vitality and age younger wiping away wrinkles and creating a younger biology. I learned from the greatest scientific minds both past and present only to discover that the disease process was published back in 1954. I applied the science and I restored my health. Modern science is slowly re-discovering what the heros of yesterday already knew. I wrote this book for my children, as I feared I was not going to pull through. Thankfully I did. I would like to share this knowledge with you, as all of us can reverse pain, fatigue or illness and restore our health for free, today. This book is my gift to you, my second family, my watercolour
family. The greatest achievement in life is to live your heart’s potential with passion. If you knew that the right action guaranteed success, saved you money, brought back your happiness, vitality, toned body and youthful looks AND had no side-effects other than vibrant health why wouldn’t you do it? Time will pass by either way, why not make it happen?”

A special note to those that helped me:
I would like to thank the superheroes of today, without them I don’t think I would still be here. Their passion, humanity, simplicity and determination to pass on their knowledge in order to help others is inspiring and humbling. If I am able, through this book, to help them pass on their knowledge to a greater audience and stimulate real change worldwide, my goal will be reached. Art is not only about decoration. Art is about seeing brilliance where no-one else does and making that brilliance visible to others, stimulating progress and challenging beliefs in the process. Health is an Art, just as watercolour is, and they are both based on the fundamental molecule of life; water.

Thank you to: Dr Winston Wang, Dr Zach Bush, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Joel Wallach, Morley Robbins,
Dr Robert Morse, Dr Stephanie Seneff, Dr John Bergman, and the astounding Dr Otto Warburg.