Janine Gallizia shares methods, ideas, tricks: how to create atmosphere for any subject, and how to find your own unique style. Two languages: English and French.


Product description

Bird’s eye view Filmed from an angle as if you yourself were the artist!
Subjects treated: Landscape, marine and a floral study.
Bilingual English/French

DVD1 : How to create atmosphere for any subject
• How to arrange shape, values and colour to build an atmosphere.
• The importance of balance to create a compositional hierarchy.
• How to modify a photo to devise an original composition.

DVD2 : How to find your own unique style
• How to know what is your style.
• A method to know when your painting is finished.
• Learn to analyse your paintings.
• How to evolve your painting when you’re in a rut!

Screen details : 16/9e. Sound : Dolby stéréo. DVD duration : Approximately 210 minutes. PAL : All zones.


Janine Gallizia - Box-set with 2 DVDs Watercolour Guidelines and solutions

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