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T.O.M.E is a life-long watercolour coaching with professional artist & international judge Janine Gallizia


(Work at your own rhythm. No time limit)


1. Receive a personnal critique of your work :


At the onset of the training, you will receive a professional critique of your paintings which will allow you to work through the specific modules of TOME based on your weaknesses with target exercises that will allow you to improve your level quickly and effectively with the help of numerous videos in the TOME online archives. 


2. Teaching you all aspects of painting:

TOME deals with YOUR ideas, level and goals. Helping you develop your own style to express yourself through your art in an impactful way. 


You will learn:

- How to identify & correct your painting weaknesses.

- How to FAST-TRACK your progress.

- What is holding you back, and how to change it.

- Effective methods to help you create & develop your own artistic style.

- How to create the “WOW” factor in your paintings.

- How to focus on the fundamentals to consistently paint great paintings.

- Why some artists progress and others don’t.

- How to develop your creativity and stand of from the crowd in exhibitions/competitions.

- People “love” your paintings, but aren’t buying? Learn why!

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