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My online watercolour course & coaching program aims to identify your painting weaknesses and give you the tools to correct and adapt your painting in order to reach your painting goals, obtain better results and even improve exhibition, competition and sales outcomes.


At the onset of the training you will receive a professional critique of your paintings which will allow you to work through the specific modules of TOME based on your weaknesses with target exercises that will allow you to improve your level quickly and effectively. 


TOME is SO MUCH MORE than just a painting course.


TOME deals with the needs , desires and goals of YOU, the artist. Helping you develop your own style to express yourself through your art in an impactful way. 


You will learn :

- How to identify & correct your painting weaknesses.

- The keys to creating atmosphere and paintings with emotional charge.

- Effective methods to develop your natural style.

- Identify which habits are holding you back, stopping you from getting the results that you want.

- Develop the watercolour future you would like to have, using the 5 fundamental pillars of painting: Technique, Observation, Mind, Emotions (TOME) and of course...You !


There is no other course like TOME.


You will receive the entire 14 module program which includes videos, exercises and documents to work on alone at your leisure. I keep adding new information to this course on a regular basis to keep you inspired and motivated, offering you new ideas, exercises and projects along the way.


TOME is easy to follow as you work at your pace on your own or with friends. This course has everything for the beginner to the amateur or professional. You may even use this course to help you to set up your own course training.


TOME will help and guide you towards a watercolour future that is filled with progress and results.

TOME My Online Watercolour Course in english

250,00 € Prix original
159,00 €Prix promotionnel
  • TOME Technical information

    TOME is a 100% online watercolour training, with a PDF document to upload. The link to upload the PDF file is found directly on the invoice at the time of purchase. The PDF document of TOME includes the links to multiple Youtube videos that are reserved only for TOME members, located directly on Youtube. 

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